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Real Leather Bean Bag Cube

Real Leather Bean Bag Cube

El Puff Cubo de Piel ocupa poco espacio. 40 cm Alto 40 cm Ancho 40 cm Largo. Puedes usarlo como mesita auxiliar, taburete, o bien para la habitación de los niños. Perfecto para reposapiés. Disponible en 14 colores. Doble costura, cremallera y forro.

  • Sku Puff Cubo de piel

With its small size the Real Leather Bean Bag Cube occupies very little space, and provides for many useful options. You can use it as a side table, stool, and it´s always good for the children's room. It is also perfect to combine it if you have a Chair or sofa, and are looking for a different footstool.

We offer our pouf cube in real leather of the highest quality, in up to 14 different colours, always personally choosing the best available leathers by hand, selecting with great care and detail.

This Bean Bag Cube is a perfect option for anyone who is looking for a pouf to last a lifetime because with this real leather pouf its look and feel will only improve with age. 

Characterístics Real Leather Bean Bag Cube:

  • Measurements 40 cm Height 40cm Width 40cm Length
  • Real Leather 
  • Double stitch
  • Double zip
  • Double lining
  • Polystyrene bead fill included 

Maintenance and Cleaning:

We advise you to clean your leather bean bag with delicacy (without rubbing), using a dampened cloth with water, and where the stain is stronger, add a small amount of neutral soap(PH 5.5), lightly touching the area and then leave outside to dry. 

For the more demanding stains, we propose the use of a LEATHER PROTECTION and CLEANING kit, which is a compound of two products. The first removes the dirt, the second then fixes and brings out the pigment, renewing its soft touch and freshness of the leather. 


Leather is a product that comes directly from nature. Therefore, you might find small marks, scratches or scars. A good tanning respects the original properties of each leather. For this reason, these light imperfections are a symbol of its nobility and authenticity.

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